AIR & Doordarshan Engineers’ Association is a body representing the Indian Engineering Services (Group ‘A’ Organised) Officers working in AIR & Doordarshan. About 500 officers are members of this association. These officers are responsible for management of Radio and Television broadcast network under Prasar Bharati. The association has been constituted with the following objectives:

To provide for the welfare of the members of the Association by promoting benevolent activities.

To promote and encourage diffusion of knowledge of the Science of Radio & TV Engineering in its various branches.

To provide a forum for discussion and exchange of useful knowledge in order to maintain and improve the condition, status and interest of the members of the Association.

To promote instruction of ideas of efficiency, Co-operation, a sense of responsibility and self-respect amongst the members of the Association.

To arrange for the publication of official bulletins, news sheets or journals and to arrange lectures as may be deemed desirable for the advancement of the cause of the members of the Association and of Broadcast Engineering and to organize exhibitions.

To do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of its objectives.